Democratic Candidate for Congress in Texas' 31st Congressional District

Meet Tammy

Tammy Young is running for Congress to help break the partisan gridlock in Washington and actually get things done for Central Texas families.

Tammy will bring a new perspective to the halls of Congress. As a teenage mother and a survivor of domestic violence, she persevered to become a champion for special education, inspired by her own children’s ADHD, and went on to represent her community on the Round Rock City Council. She brings these life experiences and her work across party lines with her as she takes on a dysfunctional system.

Tammy Young was born in Tomball, TX, the oldest of four. Her home life was filled with conflict and economic challenges that led to a break-up of the family and a series of unstable living conditions, including public housing.

At 16, Tammy found herself pregnant with her first child and limited family support.

As she tried to find her way, she found herself pregnant with her second child at 19 and in an abusive relationship. It would take years for Tammy to break the cycle of violence and abuse, but her commitment to giving her children a better life never wavered. Her son was gifted, but struggled in school. Soon he was diagnosed with ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder) and Tammy found her calling. At 22, Tammy got her GED and went on to graduate from the University of New Mexico with a degree in special education. Next year, she will finish her Master’s degree in Environmental and Sustainability Law.

With two of Tammy’s children struggling with ADHD, she became passionate about helping schools better serve kids dealing with educational challenges. Tammy taught special education and led the state chapter for Children and Adults with Attention Deficit Disorder (CHADD), advocating for children with disabilities. Tammy’s experiences led her to write a book titled Slow Down, So I Can Tell You I Love You, a handbook for parents and teachers to honor the spirit of ADHD children at school and at home.

After moving to Round Rock to teach special education, Tammy found the courage to leave her abusive relationship and create a new life for her three kids.

As her children grew older, Tammy struggled to make ends meet, and made the hard decision to leave education for a career that could better support her family. Tammy started working in real estate and experienced financial security for the first time in her life.

It was a proposal to run power lines through her back yard that led Tammy to public service. Tammy joined dozens of her neighbors to express concerns about the transmission lines at a city council hearing, but the council voted to endorse the plan anyway. So Tammy decided to run for city council herself, promising to be a voice for regular citizens just like her.

Tammy won a seat on the city council and immersed herself in improving her community and connecting with residents. Since then, she’s worked across party lines to deliver results for the people of Round Rock. She helped pass a $15 minimum wage for all city employees and worked with the Chamber of Commerce to invest in workforce skills training that guarantees a good-paying job for graduates like plumbing and HVAC repair. And Tammy is proud of the council’s fiscal responsibility, earning Round Rock one of the only AAA bond ratings among Texas cities.

Tammy has watched the dysfunction in Washington with growing disgust, while politicians like Rep. John Carter put partisanship ahead of what’s best for Central Texas, refusing to work with both sides to actually get anything done. Tammy knows that both parties must come together to lower the costs of health care and prescription drugs, invest in clean energy to create new jobs, support our military families and offer skills training to help Texans get good-paying jobs.

Tammy is running for Congress to fight for the people she meets every day who are working hard in their own lives and just want their government to start working for them.

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It's Time for Change

“I’m running for Congress because I’m disgusted by the partisan gridlock in Washington. People across Texas and the United States are working hard and many are still struggling to get by and, in the meantime, our representatives are slinging insults, sewing discontent, and sitting on their hands.

Folks like me know that we need real action right now, not when our members of Congress think they’ve won a political battle.

I’m ready to take the lead like someone who has lived it, but I can’t do this alone. Will you join our movement and invest in a better future for our district now?”

– Tammy Young