Brigid Shea, Travis County Commissioner (Precinct 2) “Through our work together on the Capitol Area Council of Governments, I have watched Councilmember Tammy Young live out her commitment to her constituents by speaking up on important issues affecting our region – health care for seniors, economic development, and emergency planning. I’m throwing my full support behind Tammy Young in this campaign for Congress because she represents the change we need in Washington.” 

Brandt Rydell, Mayor of Taylor* “Not long after I first met Tammy Young, I could tell you a lot about her: how smart she is, how committed she is to helping solve big problems, how dedicated she is to making people’s lives better. What I couldn’t tell you was her political affiliation. As an elected member of the Round Rock City Council, Tammy worked at the local level with people of wide-ranging political persuasions and viewpoints to get things done and to advance the common good. That’s an approach I’d like to see more of at the national level, and I’m happy to support Tammy as she seeks to do just that.” *title is used for identification purposes only 

Anna Eby, former Georgetown City Councilmember “I support Tammy Young for Congress because I am tired of partisan gridlock in Washington. Having worked with Tammy on nonpartisan community issues, I have seen her integrity, passion, and leadership skills firsthand. Tammy leads with purpose and knows how to work across the aisle to make things happen. We need leaders like her in every level of government, especially Washington. I am proud to give Tammy my support and my vote.” 

Travis County Judge Sarah Eckhardt “Through our work together on the Clean Air Coalition, I’ve witnessed Tammy’s sheer determination to find sound solutions to some of our region’s greatest environmental and sustainability challenges. Tammy always came prepared to engage and move the conversation forward – a real testament to her leadership and commitment to public service. I can think of nobody more qualified to represent the residents of TX-31.” 

State Rep. James Talarico “Although I don’t endorse in competitive primaries, I want to share my experience working closely with Councilwoman Young. She and I share the fundamental belief that elected officials should put people over politics. I’ve encountered few leaders with the same integrity, passion, and drive to serve others.”